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Thursday 31st March - Sowing the Seeds of Colour

Updated: Sep 23

Today was the big day where Id come to draw up a growing plan for the dye garden and actually sown the first few seeds of the season sowing the Calendula marigolds (gold orange dye) and Coreopsis Tinctora (black dark brown dye) in the dye garden.

Through the day today, I took part in a series of community talks at the centre about seeds, plants and food hosted by Karin, Julie and Jonathan wich also involved some lovely warming Dhal cooked by Julie. it was great exploring the seeds seeing all the different shapes and types as also hear about the importance of biodiversity and seeds within community gardens, we also got our hands dirty and planted a good few nasturtium seeds within the garden as also officially sow the first plants of the dye garden. I also gave a talk whilst sowing the seeds, on what I was planting, the dyes I hope to create from this garden as also sharing how important seeds are to the community and important roles gardens play in biodiversity

So overall a brilliant way to launch the dye garden project and celebrate the green spaces and people of the Craigmillar Now community.

The Wonderful seed talks from today

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