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  • Michael Inman

Monday April 18th - Moving chards and scanning negatives.

The garden is looking splendid despite all the windy days and pretty cold mornings weve been having of late. So far there wasn't too much to day so it was a good opportunity to give a tidy up with the floral bed opposite to the dye garden adjacent to the centre, theres chard, spring onion and camomile from the previous years, so ive thinned them out given them some Tlc and put down some compost to rejuvenate this part of the garden.

During the afternoon I helped with the Craigmillar Now archive that's currently making incredible progress with the photographer Sandra Georges work. weve been recording and rehoming the many negatives and black and white photographs that has been kindly donated to the centre last year to ensure there future survival. Yet with this today I got stuck in with scanning the negatives in and onto our digital systems, a wonderful job as tiny negative frames came to full visual life on the screen with each scan. This is so the centre can have a digital copy of all of Sandra's wonderful work that as well as a back up will come to be part of a accessible digital archive for the community to freely access and use. Theres also been a lot of talk at the centre in finding a way of exhibiting Sandra's wonderful photographs later this year in the community, so all being well some of the images ive been scanning today possibly could be used as part of the exhibition, wich is certainly a exiting prospect for us all to look forward to.

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