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Joyful May madness Monday 23rd may:

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Its been a Busy week overall with lots to do and lots happening. The shed space is taking more shape with plans for a roof replacement well on the way so its all watertight for the winter and the cornflower seedlings have grown to a beautiful sea fresh green shoots.

Most of my work over this month has been weeding watering and nurturing the seedlings, id say so far a good two thirds of the seedlings have now began to grow from the Calendula to the sunflowers and poppy's. Its a relief and joy to see so much life in the dye garden.

Ive convinced the team at the centre to take part in No Mow May wich is adding a bounty of insect life and wildflowers around the centre here, im banning the lawnmower for a month in the 3 green grass areas that surround the centre. This has led to a bounty of flowers have already appeared and the grass is well up to knew hight. Honestly ill be keeping one of these zones all year round as a meadow space for its incredible on how much more life can appear when the tidy mown lawn is simply left to grow and thrive making what I personally feel is a much more exiting and beautiful space compared to the tidy short green mown lines of a front lawn.

Just look at all those daisy's! wowee! im so pleased to have convinced the payback team and Craigmillar Now group to leave the lawns to go wild!.

Here's what the rest of the No - Mow zone looks like now and im honest so happy with the life that's appeared.

The seeds are growing so well! here's the

cornflowers flourishing in the dye garden.

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