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Monday 25th April - A little bit of landscaping

Today the sun shone down and the very first glimpses of the cornflower seedlings have started to grow - so already im really pleased to be seeing the garden heading in the right direction. today was a tough ground-breaking day - literally! where I decided as a trial and error to work the rest of what im calling a vegetable plot to the right of the Dye garden. with lots of hoeing raking and a good bit of fun creating features with the stones and digging I sown a few extra spinaches and leeks that I had left over from my own garden to hopefully add a bit of edible greenery to what otherwise has been a bit of a dust desert so far in the garden. Once I sorted that all out, I gave the garden a good water and a little graduating farewell as ill be taking a little break from the garden for the next couple of weeks and im hopeful that by my return it shall be full spring life!.

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