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  • Michael Inman

April 11th - Sowing the seeds PT2.

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Today was a lovely spring day so once I cleared the beginnings of pesty weeds I got straight to sowing the rest of the seeds for the Dye garden. Today I planted Acteaa, poppies and lots and lots of what I hope to be beautifully cheerful bright blue cornflour's. Ive also to the space that sits next to the Dye garden sown some Beetroot, for this Biannual (2 yr growing) veg is incredible for Dyeing vivid pinks and reds as much as being a crunchy addition to the sandwich. Though with the ground soil being really hard and rooted by the tree it took a fair bit of prep and work to get it all good for growing, hopefully time will prove that my efforts this afternoon there will be all worth it for the Beetroot. With that all sorted it was a good job done! and after the last couple of weeks hard work its excitingly transforming into a lovely outdoor space for the centre.

The new beetroot bed and the new dye garden all taking shape with the newly sown seeds.

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