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  • Michael Inman

Monday 28th march - Bringing designs to life!:

Today was a big day for the garden for it was the day in where the compost was got and the garden was all put together ready for the planting of the dye plant seeds in the upcoming week.

so todays day in the garden was all about getting the space ready for the new arrivals, clearing weeds, litter picking and getting things together where in the process I decided to upcycle two of the 100s of tires that where left at the centre from the previous owner to make a rather charming wee planter for some wild poppies. Though have no fear this isn't going to turn into a tyre garden! the rather big pile of tires is set to be recycled and disposed of sensibly later this week much to the managements relief as if honest they've been a real headache behind the rusty old shipping container.

I also took the time today to clear up and be a bit creative with the broken paving slabs in the space that's towards the front of the Centres main entrance. which I have to admit really improved the area making it look a lot more loved and looked after. It did also provide a good hour or so of fun too admittingly. Within this area theres a pair of lavender plants that I planted in September that's actually doing really well and a old dead sage wich sadly didn't survive the winter of after a bit of TLC and a good think on this space ive drawn up a few ideas for this area to be used as a herb/ kitchen garden space, in future serving both a practical space to work with the centres kitchen as a visually tidy and welcoming space to the centre.

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