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Monday 7th March - Ikea shelves, Dhal and Finally - Gardening!

Today is the day where a lot finally got started with the garden. So seeds and towels assemble! watering can clean out those spiders! and shed... well continue doing what you do best and please stay together!

with the shed looking much brighter with the painting of the inside all finished now, I spent the morning giving it a jolly good clean out (youd be amazed at the amount of mess gremlins that live here) and then rather proudly assembled some Ikea shelves a first for me! wich actually turned out much more successfully than I originally anticipated all made the right way round and nothing back to front!.

Ikea shelf Assemble!

The shed space with all the mess gremlins starting with there mischief

looking at the shed space Id decided today that to really optimise it by splitting it into two half's for two different purposes. The first area of the shed, the gardening half ill get sorted out within the next couple of months, this will be a area for garden tools and equipment and storage of pots and all things gardening.

Ive been in touch recently with a local group that employs people in difficult situations in one of the local prisons that trains and helps them learn new skills through upgrading and fixing up old garden tools to bring them back to life. ive got clippers, trowels, spades and many more ordered to hopefully arrive in the next few months so the shed will be fully stocked with everything we could possibly need for the garden to continue to grow and thrive.

The second half of the shed will eventually in future months once the gardening side has been completed will be a seed libary. This will be a community centred space where people could come to share stories and seeds with a environment where somebody could walk in donating a packet of seeds and come out with another. As with being a seed libary this side of the shed could be also a flexible space that can be changed to a sitting area for interviews or a small workshop/ studio space for future community events. Theres lots of ideas with what is wanted from the seed libary half much of wich is still in the process of being formalised but hopefully by the summer months we should have finalised ideas and have some designs in place.

After a wonderful Dhal Lunch provided cooked with love by Julie whoms come to be the centres resident cook bringing myself lots of warmth and positivity, was back to being outside and making the most of the good weather.

when the dirties back in December cleared out the large garden space that was once filled with rubbish a old wooden planter was found buried beneath it all but in surprisingly good shape.

The old found box before the well needed TLC

The old box brought back to life as our new tool box.

I gave it over a couple of weeks back to the payback team to see what they could do and they replace the odd bits that where a little rotten and it was already in much better shape. After some thinking I came up with a plan to have this as a tool store box to stop large tools like rakes and spades sliding around and with a lick of paint it was a job done.

once I rearranged the shed in good order I then spent the rest of the day weeding, rearranging and tidying up the existing garden spaces so they are ready for the upcoming dye garden seeds that have arrived at the centre that all being well will be sown over the next month.

The Garden shed all done and sorted - Looking much more useful and better!

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