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  • Michael Inman

February 2022- Turning a sad shed Happy

During the last two weeks of February we finally made progress with what had turned to a rather sad storage shed.

firstly I cleared out 10 years or so of old things, a antique glass traffic light lens, wobbly rotten desk and a few mouldy chalk boxes to name a few. The it was time to evict the 10billion spiders that seemingly decided to have a party here in recent years, and clean up the rotten areas of the shed so they can be looked at and then repaired.

By the following week the sheds rather rotten corner had been repaired wonderfully by the Payback team so now the shed is more stable and watertight. Finally it was time for a big change where I painted the interior to really brighten and clean up the walls of the shed. And my goodness look at the transformation!. Its a bit of a relief as also a really positive personal happy moment for myself at the centre this week as finally my plans are really starting to get in place as visibly make a positive impact here.

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