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  • Michael Inman

Thursday 12th may - successes weeds and a bit of trowel and Error!

A good catch up with some well needed gardening after my couple of weeks away. In particularly removing the hoard of chickweeds that's decided to declare its own nation within the dye garden bed - oh dear!

Thankfully a hour later of fine weeding I could see plenty of healthy seedlings with corn flowers and sunflowers in particular doing really well so far.

Then it was hoeing the weeds within the vegetable garden and other beds.

yet all things in the garden isn't necessary plain sailing as the willows that i grew in march have really struggled in the new location. originally the willows were in my plan going to be by the front in a much more healthy soil and shady area of the to act as a anti pollution wall to help combat the affects from the main road. Yet the following week after planting it was requested theyd be moved to the bed that runs along the carpark fence thats more dry and with poor soil in comparison to the meadow area they where originally planted in.

This was decided due to long term concerns on whether someone in future years could maintain / the hedge and the risk of it obscuring the centre from the main road and passers by.

I optimistically agreed to move them and have tried with a fair amount of effort beforehand but seeing a mixture of poor soil and drought in my absence has really hampered their health. so im in the process of persuading the team to develop this long carpark bed with new topsoil and to get a hosepipe installed in the garden to help in the future dryer months.

You'll often find as a experienced gardener gardening is 'trowel and error' as my grandmother used to say. Though I'm not giving up for there is so much to be positive about where the dye garden is concerned!.

and hopefully sometime soon with a hosepipe now agreed on the plants will be watered well, with more care, and by a much less soggy (watering cans and a jet spray power level of a outdoor tap = a free cold shower) and more joyful gardener.

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