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  • Michael Inman

Monday 30th may - Bringing some order into the woodland garden

Lots of de-weeding today after another lovely weeks worth of growth especially from the sunflowers and cornflowers that are thriving here! Id given a wee overlooked patch that was overlooked and had a tub of quite sad wallflowers a wee makeover making a small bed planting the wallflower into the ground where itl be more drought resistant and it's looking miles better for it.

Ive also given the seedlings a good water today and they continuing to do well despite the really dry weather.

Then it was time to sort out the dubbed 'log zone' on the other side of the shed. My long term plan is to make this into a woodland and minibeast garden in time so it could become a sustainable and easy matinence area that could also hold future sculpture and art pieces.

Yet before even any of these plans get drawn up first and foremost its time to sort out this pile of tree cut-offs that's suddenly appeared and to restore a bit of order to a bit of a scene of mayhem...

(I'm blaming gnomes for this! They are a nightmare for causing mysterious situations, mishaps and misplacements in the garden!. Especially so with your garden tools, where your wandering around for half the day going 'where did I put that'.)

so A bit if digging, moving, pruning and weeding later and bam! What a brilliant transformation this has been - A job well done and its looking much better for it id say!

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